UMC20: July 15, 2020 (‘Better Late Than Never’ Edition)

Apologies for the delay! Disconnecting last week, and then returning to run the cameras for this thing meant that UMC20 ran a touch late this week.

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LISTEN: An Emotional Affair – ‘Little Lie’ by Jordan Lehning

A tale of forbidden romance straight from the mind of Nashville’s Jordan Lehning, “Little Lie” begins as a quiet affair. Throughout the story, a man and woman are forced to reckon with the emotional toll of their secret relationship.

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The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Monday, July 13

I’m back! I took last week to disconnect and camp across the Midwest (largely away from people, as is customary in 2020).

With that, let’s get into a Daily Spinn that veers briefly away from the “indie” world, and features one of my personal favorite acts.

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LISTEN: Richard String Pokes Fun at Dating on ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun: Part II’

You’ve been waiting since 1983 for a sequel to Cyndi Lauper’s breakout smash, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” haven’t you?

If you’re like Richard String, the answer is a definitive “no.” However, he’s back to give you “the sequel that no one really needs” anyway.

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