Review: Whitney Peyton – Break The Frame

Artist: Whitney Peyton
Release: Break The Frame
Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Release: Jan. 5, 2016

Whitney Peyton is an artist who is not limited to a particular style or set of subject matter. Whitney’s talents as a rapper give her the ability to transition seamlessly between serious, thought-provoking commentary and fun, swagger-laden verses.

There are so many moments where Whitney shines on “Break The Frame” that it’s hard to pick favorites. Certainly, she wastes no time reminding us why she’s one of hip hop’s young, rising stars with her lightning quick delivery on the opening title track. The Philly-based rapper follows that immediately with “Broken Road,” which features a piano riff and dubstep instrumental that Whitney’s unique intensity brings together. “Too Far Gone” is perhaps the lyrical apex of the record, as Whitney comments on society’s many troubling trends with support in the form of a pleading, “change the world” refrain from singer Jonathan Padilla.

As great as Whitney is on this record, the other artists featured on “Break The Frame” leave an impression with memorable moments of their own. In particular, “Sticks & Stones” features 16 punchy bars from Nashville-based rapper JellyRoll that are as well-delivered as they are clever, while a risk taken by marrying underground punk and hip hop on “Flatline” (ft. MISFITS and Matt Good) pays off to be absolutely seamless and genre-bending.

Admittedly, it was surprising at first to see the lead single, “It’s All Good” (ft. Sounds) as the closing track, but it makes sense after listening through “Break The Frame” in its entirety. The closing track provides a retrospective of how far Whitney has come in her career, while delivering the hunger and punch that got her this far.

Especially fitting is the album’s closing line, “Before I leave the game, best believe I’ma burn it down.” Certainly, Whitney Peyton is just getting warmed up. We don’t doubt that she’ll light a few fires on the hip hop charts when all is said and done.

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. Broken Road ft. Allie Santos
3. Red Light (Funk You)
4. Too Far Gone ft. Jonathan Padilla
5. Sticks and Stones ft. Jelly Roll and Rachael Rota
6. Wake The Neighbors
7. Word of Mouth ft. Kung Fu Vampire
8. Gasoline ft. Allie Santos
9. Flatline ft. Jerry Other and Jerry Only (of MISFITS) and Matt Good (of From First to Last)
10. It’s All Good ft. Sounds

11. All In (Come On) ft. Supreem Da Rezarekta (only available on pressed copies)

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