A Public Service Announcement from Lehigh Valley Underground

Image credit: SaveNetRadio3.0

The Small Webcasters Agreement of 2009 expired on January 1 of this year. With that, royalty rates have skyrocketed for internet radio hosts and station owners, leaving tens of thousands of webcasters with no choice but to shutter their doors to countless talented independent musicians throughout the world.

The Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) has left small webcasters and hard-working musicians out in the cold, with no representation whatsoever. With no provisions to assist small webcasters, many will not only struggle to keep up — they will find it impossible.

The good news? A Change.org petition (containing all of the information you need) has gained steam, hoping to preserve the platforms that independent musicians of all genres hold dear. As it nears its goal of 1,500 signatures, we at Lehigh Valley Underground encourage you join this fight. Make Congress reconsider this injustice to our indie brothers and sisters by signing it today.

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