Take a Look Inside Rofo Audio’s “Now Broadcasting”

Rofo Audio, a rock band from nearby Royersford, took 18 months to create their debut album, “Now Broadcasting.” Their passion towards this project shines through, not only in the band’s music, but in the band’s willingness to document its journey for all to see.

We were made aware of this band and its webisode series Inside “Now Broadcasting” on our Facebook page, and we wanted to make sure we shared it. It’s an honest and in-depth look at the band’s creative process, and we think creators of original music will be able to relate.

The first episode is below for your convenience!


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  • Lehigh Valley Underground, thanks so much for the write up. LVU is doing a huge service for independent musicians who are trying to be heard. Thanks also for the kind words about our music, and for all the other work you do supporting this community. Ray / Rofo Audio

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