Review: The Revere – Behold, the Sea Itself!

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Artist: The Revere
Album: Behold, the Sea Itself (LISTEN)
Release Date: April 29, 2014
Genre: Rock

If you consider yourself a rock fan, there stands an excellent chance that you’ll find something to enjoy about The Revere’s latest album, “Behold, the Sea Itself!” It’s powerful, progressive, concept-driven, and produced to bring out the band’s very best moments over the course of 12 tracks.

The album’s aquatic concept, first present in its title, takes shape immediately with the album’s urgent opening (and title) track before the album fully sets sail with the big-sounding, high-energy “Down at the Water’s End,” easily a strong candidate to close any of the band’s live sets.

There is not one weak track on “Behold, the Sea Itself!,” making it one of the most complete indie rock releases in recent memory. Other favorites of ours include “The Vortex,” a two-and-a-half-minute instrumental buildup fit for a movie trailer; “The Exile,” a gentle, six-minute ballad perfect for a brisk fall night; the intense, exciting “Beast,” which takes the listener to unexpected places as it seamlessly blends into “Devona;” and “The Portrait II,” a triumphant sequel to one of the band’s earlier songs.

Sonically, “Behold, the Sea Itself!” stands tall and never falters, and the album The Revere’s collective songwriting and storytelling ability on full display. The Revere proves that they are here to stay on “Behold, the Sea Itself!,” and there is no limit to the big things they can accomplish.

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