Review: Brynn Stanley – Hello, California

Artist: Brynn Stanley
Album: Hello, California (iTunes)
Release Date: Aug. 6, 2015
Genre: Jazz/Pop

As you’ll hear on Monday’s Quinn Spinn interview (SoundCloud | iTunes) with jazz/pop singer Brynn Stanley, the creative process for her debut album, “Hello, California” was hard work. Brynn stretched outside of her comfort zone to write this album, and the Jersey native’s hard work has paid dividends in the form of eight incredibly pleasant tunes.

Brynn Stanley’s voice can be described with three S’s: Smooth, soulful and sweet. Upon the first listen to hooky tracks like lead single “Be My Summertime” and album opener “Finally Getting Over You,” Brynn’s talent and songwriting will captivate an audience. From there, the listening experience only gets even better.

“Black & White” has a definitive jazz club feel, as does the album’s gentle title track, “Hello, California.” Meanwhile, the pop sensibilities of tracks like the bubbly “Shine” and the fun, sax-infused “You’re the One” add new, catchy dimensions to the album, and are songs we’ll gladly get stuck in our heads for weeks to come.

“Hello, California” immediately inserts Brynn into the same league as some of the best jazz-pop singers out there. She’s easily that good. The album is a job well done, and serves as a great introduction to a singer who should be performing alongside the Norah Jones’ and Michael Bubles of the world in no time.

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