Review: Marc Ambrosia – Footprints

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Artist: Marc Ambrosia
Album: Footprints (LISTEN)
Release Date: Oct. 9, 2015
Genre: Rock/Singer-songwriter

Marc Ambrosia is an artist who writes from experience and the heart. On “Footprints,” he uses his unique and powerful voice to deliver his young life’s observations with a sense of wonder and imagination.

You can feel Marc’s optimism on “Nineteen” and “Every Day,” triumphant mid-tempo tracks that seem to embrace the mystery of finding one’s way in the world. That optimism is at its most inspirational on the album’s title track, a journeying, five-and-a-half-minute song about achieving dreams, inspired by swimmer Diana Nyad’s swim from Cuba to Florida and the footprints she left in the sand.

There are plenty of songs on “Footprints” that touch on relationships. “Outside the Lines” is a summery story about young love, while a killer duet with Megan Knight on “Love Like Rock and Roll” combines soulful vocal harmonies with country-influenced guitars.

Going beyond the romantic, “Take Good Care of Me” is particularly powerful. The track features blues-tinged guitars that support Marc as he is forced to come to terms his mother’s addiction struggles, and the associated loneliness and powerlessness he felt as a child. On a happier note, album closer “Little Song” is a sweet, acoustic lullaby inspired by new life – in particular, the births of Marc’s niece and nephew in 2014 – and the positive influence and change it brings.

“Footprints” is a thoughtful album from a young man with profound life experience, big dreams, and a lot to say. A listen through just might inspire you to embark on a journey and leave some “Footprints” of your own on the world.

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