Review: John Scargall – Breakthrough

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Artist: John Scargall
Album: Breakthrough (LISTEN)
Release date: Oct. 6, 2015
Genre: Country rock

When John Scargall decided to leave the corporate world and pursue a career in music, he was defying the odds, as well as the seemingly-reasonable, yet all-too-often-heard advice of those around him to have a fallback.

After listening through his debut album, the appropriately-titled “Breakthrough,” it’s clear that he doesn’t need one.

By reacting to doubt on triumphant, “I-told-you-so” anthems like “Tearin’ Me Up” and “Live Out Loud,” John shows that he has the confidence and knowledge to achieve whatever dream he pleases. All the while, he imparts that wisdom to others looking to break from life’s doldrums on “Breakthrough,” the album’s title track and most tender, inspirational moment.

There’s plenty more rockin’ country fun to be had on “Breakthrough,” like the fast-moving, fiddle-driven “A Little Bit of Lovin’” and the groovy “Two Face Factory.” NASCAR ’15 staple “Leave It on the Track,” for being a bit closer to mid-tempo than the aforementioned, also has the rhythm and soul to make you dance.

It’s hard to believe that, not too long ago, John Scargall was giving presentations at his 9-to-5 like the rest of us. Just a couple of short years later, “Breakthrough” has deservedly taken John out of the boardroom and all over the country.

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