Review: uMan ERA – One Blue Sky

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Artist: uMan ERA
Album: One Blue Sky (LISTEN)
Released: 2015
Genre: Rock

You can be sure of one thing when you listen to Pocono-based uMan ERA. They will rock you. That’s exactly what happens as you listen to the band’s latest effort, “One Blue Sky.”

The eight tracks that comprise “One Blue Sky” will surely stack up in a rock fan’s collection alongside some of the genre’s giants. It all starts with a “Detroit Rock City”-esque drum beat on album opener, “Johnny Thunder,” whose guitar work from frontman Joe Longo showcases the band’s combination of hard rock energy and blues emotion. “Apocalyptic Rock” is a particularly high-octane song fit for an action movie soundtrack, with blazing guitar riffs and vocals just maniacal enough to convince you that the world might be coming to an end.

Certainly, an interesting moment is the album’s title – and longest – track, which clocks in at a whopping eight minutes and 23 seconds. It progresses from early blues metal riffs that seem to bear the weight of the world, and heads into the territory of a searching, yet optimistic mid-tempo anthem, delivering the message that our world can, in fact, live and work together under “One Blue Sky.”

Certainly, there are many stellar moments on “One Blue Sky” that are a credit to the songwriting and arranging ability of Longo and company. This is an album meant to be turned up to 11, and its tracks surely will provide listeners with unforgettable moments during the band’s live set.

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