Review: Rofo Audio – Now Broadcasting

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Artist: Rofo Audio
Album: Now Broadcasting (LISTEN)
Release Date: Oct. 1, 2015
Genre: Rock

It took Rofo Audio 18 months to complete their debut, “Now Broadcasting,” from start to finish. When it came out last October, the rock world was treated to an album well worth the wait and spoken in a voice that is unique to the band

The ability to make so many different styles play nice on the record is a testament to the chemistry of Rofo Audio, comprised of veteran musicians Raymond Short, Erik Lindermoyer, and Andy Mihalcik. One particular highlight “From the Bottom,” which showcases the band’s songwriting prowess and concludes with a two-minute instrumental jam that features a progressive bass groove reminiscent of Tool, followed by a guitar solo that calls Lynyrd Skynyrd to mind.

Another nice feature on “Now Broadcasting” are the vocal harmonies, performed by all three members of the band at various points. These harmonies are especially crisp on the album’s closer, “Tell Me Something,” which seemingly and seamlessly appears to equally derive its sensibilities from modern blues rock and 50s pop rock.

Rofo Audio is “Now Broadcasting” its members’ collective talents to the world. The album’s eight well-seasoned rock tracks make certain that listeners won’t be tuning out anytime soon.

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