Review: Lauren Marsh – Veracity

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Artist: Lauren Marsh
Album: Veracity (LISTEN)
Released: January 2016
Genre: Indie Pop

Lauren Marsh is the type of artist that can appeal to a wide range of audiences. Her new EP, “Veracity,” features pop sensibilities that range from contemporary synth pop, to other, more classic influences. The common thread that ties it all neatly together? Of course, it’s the singer’s smooth, signature vocals.

“Veracity” offers up Lauren Marsh’s versatility. For example, the synth organ of the EP’s atmospheric opener, “Promise,” helps make for an infectious, mid-tempo song meant to light up a summer night. Meanwhile, Lauren sounds just as convincing on a sweet, doo-wop infused ballad like “We Hit the Ground,” which would hold up in any jazz club.

Modern alternative fans should also enjoy, “Never Let You Go,” whose full sound and powerful, effective percussion is reminiscent of some of Florence + the Machine’s best.

“Veracity” is about finding the truth within one’s own world. It’s clear that Lauren Marsh nailed that theme lyrically and sonically, as these five tracks unlock exciting new truths about the artist and her sound.


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