Sunday Thought Series: Come Together

I had the good fortune of receiving press access to last night’s Easton Rocks! Fundraiser at the State Theatre’s Acopian Ballroom (thanks to The Valley Ledger). The show, presented by, featured music from Carter Lansing, Blue Jean, Alex Radus, and Roi & the Secret People, with proceeds benefitting the State Theatre’s “Get Plastered” campaign to fix its leaky roof.

Photos of the evening are coming later on Lehigh Valley Underground, and I hope they do justice to the great feeling that existed in that beautiful room last night. There was a feeling of togetherness – of an honest, collective desire to make the Valley’s music scene just a little bit better, all while helping one of its most prominent arts venues.

That’s what it’s all about, you see. Last night’s show featured four distinctive acts, each with a sound and presence all its own. These four were united under one, soon-to-be-renovated roof by a cause, and used their unique talents to drive people to it. The end result was a packed house that enjoyed many different shades of rock. Folks were exposed to new artists – I personally hadn’t seen three of the four live before last night – and came away feeling proud to have taken part in such a spectacular night.

To me, last night was further proof that the people on our music scene are capable of doing tremendous things for our community, just like Dustin Schoof and company did for the State Theatre last night. In a world where, all too often, cliques develop and sides are drawn, it was refreshing to be in a room with so many gracious musicians who know that the life and future of this scene depend on every single one of us working together.

Let us learn from this example. Let’s continue to show our support – not only for each other, but for causes greater than ourselves.

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