PHOTOS: Pass Away, MakeWar, Trophy Lungs & Tender Defender at Warhouse Collective… kind of…

It was pretty clear to me a few weeks ago that the Warhouse Collective guys were tight. However, it became clear on Sunday night that Warhouse is much more than just a venue – it’s a brotherhood.

That much became apparent about an hour and a half before showtime. Punk bands Pass Away, MakeWar, Trophy Lungs and Tender Defender were getting set to play when the fire inspectors showed up. The gentlemen in uniform, who were gracious and professional, informed all those who had arrived to that point that the venue needed to be shut down until it is brought up to code.

It would have been very easy for the guys to get down, cancel the show, and send bands who had come from as far away as Boston – yes, that Boston – back out on the road. However, the Warhouse wouldn’t have it.

What they would have, though, were willing and hospitable neighbors. Enter Marianna’s Restaurant & Banquet Center, who share the same building as Warhouse Collective at 224 Stockton St. in Phillipsburg.

Long story short, the Warhouse guys asked a favor. The restaurant obliged. Marianna’s stayed open late, made some pizzas, served some drinks, and the show went on as planned. All four bands rocked that restaurant, and the many folks who stuck around loved every minute of it. Nobody would have cared if the show had to take place outside in the parking lot – people were there to join together and hear some punk, and that was all that mattered.

For me, this was one of the most fun and unique shows I’ve ever attended, and I’ve been attending shows for 15 years (in case you’re wondering, I started by following this band around when I was 14. I’m amazed that website still exists and sincerely hope they don’t read this…). I also observed first-hand the resolve and passion of Warhouse Collective in a whole new light. It’s admirable to say the least, and it’s what is going to help these guys go far in whatever they pursue.

Lastly, a note to Marianna’s: Your pizza is amazing, and it looks like you have a nice little venue on your hands for after table service ends each night. Just sayin’…

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