Review: Dissension Rising – Retribution

Dissension Rising joins Site Unknown, Autoerotica, and Alpha Zero Three at The Originals Music Series this Thursday at 7 p.m., only at Chicago Restaurant’s Club Gravity in Allentown.

Artist: Dissension Rising
Album: Retribution (EP)
Released: 2015
Genre: Hard Rock

Dissension Rising’s EP “Retribution” has everything you could want in a hard rock record. It’s fast, it’s high-energy, and contains more face-melting guitar riffs and solos than any mortal band would be able to fit into a four-track EP. Yet, the Irish quartet does all of that and more so effortlessly, leaving their listeners pumped up and ready to take on the world.

Singer Danni Carroll makes a statement on “Retribution” as one of hard rock’s emerging female stars, possessing a soulful voice and vocal presence that puts her among the genre’s best. She’s supported by driving, head-banging drum beats from Kian Johnston and masterful guitar work by the duo of Keith Garrett and Romulo Albuquerque.

The thing about critiquing this EP is that it’s tough to pick out highlights, only because every track could be considered one. From the beginning of opening track “From the Inside,” the band lets you know that they aren’t playing around. Then, we keep the high energy going with “Heaven Knows She Tried,” a big-sounding track destined for rock radio that features a standout performance from Carroll. “Left Behind” is another fun performance, which seems like a great early-set fit to get the crowd moving.

The apex of “Retribution,” however, is the closing track, “Shame.” Johnston’s drum work in particular Is downright impressive, and it makes this the type of track you turn up to 11 while driving with your windows down on the highway – the faster, the better!

Track listing:
1) From the Inside
2) Heaven Knows She’s Tried
3) Left Behind
4) Shame

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