PHOTOS: The Phoenix Bridge at The Originals Music Series

Through the chaos of last-minute preparations for Saturday’s Sixth Annual PBS39 BrewFest (for which I was the event chair), and deciding that this was also the perfect week to move into my new apartment (I’m insane), I knew that I needed to get out on the scene at some point this week. So, I went for ol’ reliable — The Originals Music Series.

Originally, I was planning on snapping photos of the evening’s two bands, Mind Grenade and the Phoenix Bridge. However, growing pains in my new place of residence — i.e.; putting in a maintenance call for the washing machine — caused me to arrive just as Mind Grenade was wrapping up their set. I’m bummed that I missed them, but I would like to make a personal appeal to the dudes from Mind Grenade: Let me know about some upcoming shows, and I promise I’ll come out to cover one.

I did, however, get to hear The Phoenix Bridge live for the first time. This is a band that I’ve heard much about over the past few months, and I certainly was not disappointed. Frontman Patrick Leaver’s charisma was immediately evident, and, as a die-hard fan of Our Lady Peace and Raine Maida, I particularly marked out for (pro wrestling terminology for “thoroughly appreciated”) his use of a megaphone. On the whole, the band was as tight as can be, with their sound reminiscent of many of rock’s greats.

Enjoy the gallery below!


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