While We Were Moving, Weird Dinosaur Things Plotted to Overtake Bethlehem (Again)

…and that’s just one of the many exciting things about this year’s recently-announced Musikfest free stage lineup!

OK, I must admit: I’m pumped for the return of SAURUS. Those bird/dinosaur/robot things were pretty epic when I encountered them after a couple Summer Shandies two years ago.

Even moreso, I can’t wait to hear some incredible music over the course of ten August days and nights in the Christmas City. The first weekend alone is stacked with artists we’ve featured before on LVU, from locals Alex Radus Trio, Scott Marshall, and Hector Rosado, to nationally-touring favorites like JD & the Straight Shot. The Amish Outlaws, too, hold a special place in my heart, as theirs was the first Musikfest show I ever worked as an event staffer at Festplatz on a Saturday night. On that fateful night, I got booed by the masses for telling an 85-year-old man to stop dancing on a table, and the Outlaws’ lead singer helped me return a lost child to his family, mid-song. It was a memorable night in my life, for sure.

As you can tell, I still get excited for Musikfest after all these years (I attended my first in 2007, as a rising Moravian College sophomore). I’m also looking forward to covering as many of these great performances as possible for LVU.

For now, take a look at the free lineup and let us know: Which shows are you most excited for, and which would you like to see us cover?


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