PHOTOS: Soundscapes with Shawn Cav and Dan DeChellis at Pearly Baker’s

Thursday night brought me to Easton, where I would visit Pearly Baker’s for the first time. It was a nice first visit to Pearly’s; a mellow evening, accented wonderfully by the musical efforts of Shawn Cav and Dan DeChellis.

Each artist had a chance to showcase his mastery to the Pearly Baker’s crowd. Cav’s work on guitar and bass impressively defied genre, while DeChellis’ captivating work on keys filled the room with a plethora of sounds. Together, the duo created lush atmospheric, improvisational grooves to keep music lovers engaged and guessing what might come next.

This laid back evening of great talent and tunes made me want to return to Pearly Baker’s. Fortunately, I’ll have that chance on Saturday for another Shawn Cav band, the Acoustic Bite Trio.

Until then, enjoy a few photos courtesy of LVU!


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