Review: Slumlord Radio – Too Pretty for Tijuana

Artist: Slumlord Radio
Album: Too Pretty for Tijuana (LISTEN)
Released: Sept. 11, 2015
Genre: Punk/Action Rock

Slumlord Radio comes to us from all the way in Grand Rapids, Michigan with a brand of music they call “high-energy, dirty action rock.” Their latest effort, “Too Pretty for Tijuana,” delivers on that promise with tracks that are in-your-face as they are progressive.

Lead single “Bullwhip” starts the album off with a bang, featuring a catchy opening riff and gang vocals reminiscent of KISS, all while staying true to the band’s underground punk vibe (true to form, its music video is banned in China!). Another track of note is “Tycoon,” a gritty, instantly-recognizable headbanger with a chorus containing the album’s title (and which you just may have heard somewhere before)…

“Too Pretty for Tijuana” is raw and unapologetic, and that is exactly what it needs to be. Slumlord Radio has captured the essence of who they are as a band, and it rocks with no questions asked.

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