Review: Megan Knight – Self-titled

Artist: Megan Knight
Album: Self-Titled (BUY)
Released: Dec. 7, 2015
Genre: Country/Rock

The marriage of country and rock has become increasingly popularized in recent years. This trend is brought out in full force on Megan Knight’s self-titled effort, which successfully straddles a line between the two genres.

Knight’s powerhouse vocals render her capable of doing great things in either genre. This much is apparent right off the bat on up-tempo album opener, “Go Home.” Meanwhile, tracks like “Half of a Man” and “How to Say This” have a definitive rock flair, with the former showcasing pointed, angry vocals from Knight, and the latter featuring a bit of power balladry and an opening riff that recalls Bon Jovi’s “Thank You for Loving Me.”

The shining moment, however, is the Jewel cover, “Who Will Save Your Soul,” which closes out the album with a bang. Knight’s vocal chops are again present here, as she expertly nails the essence of this folk rock classic with her own flair.

Track listing:
Go Home
Fall for Two
Half of a Man
A Lifetime’s Not Long Enough
Time Machine
How to Say This
Subconsciously Attached
Desperate for Acceptance
Everything You Said
In Case You Cared
Who Will Save Your Soul

One comment

  • I believe she can sing anything——Brilliantly. Her voice is so strong, clear, steady, and her tone is soothing. Let’s not forget the actual notes, they will send chills up the back of your neck. Best talent I have seen in a very long time. She is the package.

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