Review: Elwood James Band – Forgetting the Sound EP

Artist: Elwood James Band
Album: Forgetting the Sound EP (LISTEN)
Released: Nov. 16, 2015
Genre: Rock ‘n Roll/Blues

Elwood James Band comes to us from nearby Bucks County with “Forgetting the Sound,” a five-track EP that showcases a little bit of everything the band does best.

Whether you’re a fan of blues or rock and roll, there’s something for you here. The opening track – and album’s namesake – kicks things off with crisp harmonies and a British Invasion vibe, which are married together with modern pop rock sensibilities. Another straightforward rocker, the mid-tempo “Soulful Look,” is driven forth by keys and crisp vocal harmonies.

As mentioned, Elwood James Band isn’t afraid to get bluesy on “Forgetting the Sound.” “Riding the Storm” features a rhythm section that slightly resembles Ted Nugent’s “Stranglehold,” while being driven forward by down and dirty guitars and a striking keyboard melody. Album closer “Black Cherry” also features drums and bass that set a bluesy tone, before becoming more progressive with an intense instrumental break about halfway through the tune.

With “Forgetting the Sound,” Elwood James Band has a collection of songs that has the potential to appeal to our Valley’s masses. For sure, these tracks would hold up well alongside SteelStacks’ usual Saturday night lineup.

Track listing:
Forgetting the Sound
Riding the Storm
Soulful Look
Black Cherry

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