Review: Sunsets North – out_of_CTRL

Artist: Sunsets North
Album: out_of_CTRL
Release Date: July 25, 2016
Genre: Pop/Rock/Hard Rock

The guys from Sunsets North have mastered the ability to write catchy songs with pop hooks, while creating a rich, unique musical landscape on each individual track. Such is the case on the band’s upcoming EP, out_of_CTRL.

An underlying pop pulse is present throughout the Allentown-based four-piece’s latest offering, but the way Sunsets North expands upon those sensibilities is what makes “out_of_CTRL” so exciting. Album opener “Can’t Relax” is equal parts poppy and powerful, with an opening industrial vibe whose pulsing beat leads into hard-hitting guitar and vocal melodies from frontman Warren North and axe man Trevor Vaughan. Meanwhile, the title track offers a contrast, with more of a dance pop vibe and carefree, “ready-to-party” lyrics.

“Summer Love,” a tender rock tune, delivers an urgency to accompany its lyrics about making a fleeting, young romance last just a bit longer. Love seems to be turning sour by the next track, “Falling,” which features a heavy instrumental amid North’s desperation to keep a dying relationship afloat. Bright sounds return on album closer, “L.A.S.,” which creeps slightly into pop punk territory to bring the EP to a resolution.

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