Easton Heritage Day #2: So. Much. Music.

The past few hours have been a wild time, as I’ve raced from one side of Easton’s Centre Square to the other to capture all of the great music happening downtown (with the occasional refreshment or restroom break in between).

I’ve come a long way, and by no means am I finished yet. Heritage Day is in the process of proceeding down to the riverfront for tonight’s shows and fireworks. Of course, you can be sure that I’ll be sticking around until things are finished going boom.

In the meantime, here’s what’s captured of the great performers I’ve seen so far, in order of appearance. I’ll be back with more after the conclusion of Heritage Day.

Dan DeChellis Trio (Jazz)

Swing Time Dolls (Vintage 1940s Pop)

Copper Fields (Acoustic Rock/Bluegrass)

The Jolly Tars (Traditional Irish Folk)

Roi & the Secret People (Rock)

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