Review: Shawn Cav Ensemble – Glass Houses

Artist: Shawn Cav Ensemble
Album: Glass Houses (Pre-order)
Release Date: Jul. 30, 2016
Genre: Jazz Fusion

On July 30, break out your good headphones and listen to everything happening on Shawn Cav Ensemble’s “Glass Houses.” The eclectic Easton quartet showcases its musicianship and improvisational abilities to speak volumes without saying a word.

The band displays its ability to move between ideas – and even genres – on the new release. A perfect example is opening track, “Four Years in a Box,” which is underscored by groovy rhythms and a tradeoff between Steve Collins’ guitar and Matt Truscott’s tenor sax that walks a tightrope between jazz and rock.

Another highlight is “Faces,” a funk-fueled track with a hooky bass line where Collins and Truscott both take turns speaking lyrically through their instruments. In contrast, title track “Glass Houses” is mellow in a way that ties the effort together, revolving around Shawn Cav’s bass to build a climax and achieve the EP’s resolution.

Track listing
Four Years in a Box
New Beginnings
Roll Call
Looking Busy
Glass Houses

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