JingerKroa Set to Launch their Debut EP, “Admit One”

JingerKroa, one of Pennsylvania’s top rock artists, is set to launch their new EP, “Admit One,” to follow up on their first demo album, “Pick A Prize.”. The unique four-piece rock band, conceived in 2011, has promised to again deliver a unique blend of rock to hard rock sounds, saturated with memorable hooks, harmonious riffs, chest pounding rhythms and irrepressible vocal orchestrations.

“We are excited about the response to our earlier released single, ‘Slaughterhouse,'” drummer Mikestro said. “The entire band has worked really hard since our debut album, and we can’t wait to give our fans more of what they love — pure and original rock.”.

This EP is produced by Dave Reiser of Hard Rock Studios, an assistant under Eddie Kramer (Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Carlos Santana). With thick layers of high-energy instrumentation and fronted by J.Goth’s trademark style and signature voice, the album promises to rock the world.

“This is an EP that rocks the soul and uplifts the spirit within the listener,” said J.Goth. “’Admit One’ is totally contagious, and you will surely crave more of it after the first listen. It is a sickness with no antidote. This is the genius of JingerKroa.”

The four-piece band, consisting of J.Goth, Mikestro, Unkl Nicky (guitar), and HillBilly (bass), has exploited its members’ diversified musical backgrounds, uniting their creativity to bring a new sound to the rock genre. J.Goth’s unique style also gives the band a musical paintbrush that delivers a heavy dose of authority for intense power chords, as well as a solemnness in more sensitive moments.

To stay up to date on JingerKroa’s EP release and 2017 tour dates, connect with the band at www.JingerKroa.com.

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