Lisa’s Saturday Night: Gettin’ Alternative

While I was in Cape May over the weekend, LVU contributor Lisa Robinson did me a solid and spent a little time at The Alternative Gallery in Allentown, which hosted its Hullabulubula 6 event on Saturday night.

Lisa is having a very busy week at work this week, but wanted me to pop by, share her photos, and tell you about this interesting night of music, comedy, and appreciation for the arts. In our conversation, Lisa described that there was a youthful energy at The Alternative Gallery on Saturday night. She caught two of the 13 performing acts that night — Silent Animals and the Allentown Ocean Good Times Band — and observed musicians who flexed their creative muscles to bring across their passion, exposing her to new, previously uncharted corners of our music scene.

Sounds like I’ll need to take a trip to The Alternative Gallery when Hullabulubula 7 comes around. Until then, let these photos tide you over.

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