Lisa’s Saturday Night: Start Making Sense at Zoellner Arts Center

In July, we reported on Start Making Sense’s upcoming show at Zoellner Arts Center. The Talking Heads tribute was to re-create the band’s 1984 film, “Stop Making Sense,” alongside an encore of additional Talking Heads covers.

Last week, while chatting about LVU, I asked Lisa what her plans were for Saturday. She informed me that she already had tickets to Saturday’s tribute.

At that moment, I thought back to July, and I thought, “Hey, wouldn’t it be great to cover that show?”

So, long story short, the folks over at Zoellner were super accommodating, and Lisa went there and was blown away by Start Making Sense’s incredible performance. When I asked about it on Monday, she told me that it just might have been even better than The Talking Heads themselves. This is consistent with what I’ve heard all around about Saturday night’s show — it has received nothing but glowing reviews. Kudos to the band and to the folks at Zoellner, who worked together to produce an incredible show in all respects.

Lisa, as she tends to do, captured the moment well with some great photos. I’m happy to share those with you right here. Enjoy!

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