Review: Not Enough People Do Three​-​Ways: Vol. 1


Not Enough People Do Three Ways: Vol. 1” was released by The Art is Not Dead in August of this year, and features Science Club, Welter and Readership delivering their own interpretations of punk. Based on the quality of this album, I hope more people do three ways.


Science Club opens up the split with five songs that are fun and defining for the album’s overall sound. The lyrics in “This Is The Only Place That You Get” set a tone of introspection that thematically links all of the bands’ contributions to this split. The idea of punk growing up may seem contradictory, but it seems like a topic that all of these bands are familiar with. If you’re a fan of self-referential compositions, you’ll really appreciate these musicians’ skill at writing songs about music.

Pic Via Science Club's FaceBook page.

Pic Via Science Club’s FaceBook page.


Given the sense of energy Welter radiates on this split, their live shows must be insane. Much like the Ramones, Welter’s guitar work drives the songs in tandem with drums, giving the listener a sense of constant momentum. I really like “Civil War Reenactor”, it’s a fun indictment of those who still believe in the Confederacy. As a musician, I found “Idiot Check” painfully relatable, but I thank the band for chronicling the truth of the concert experience. Welter slows down a bit for their last track, “Rockstar”, an interesting song that seems closer to Buddy Holly than modern punk, but it’s a nice ending for Welter’s part of the album.

Pic via Welter's FaceBook.

Pic via Welter’s FaceBook.


It’s great to hear new music from Readership, their last release was the single “Easy”, which also appears on this album. As someone that’s spent a decent amount of time in West Chester, I always enjoy seeing a band from that area create quality music. Although you can certainly call Readership a punk band, they do a great job of creating their own genre that isn’t quite so simple to name. “Wishes And Bad Ideas” reminds me of L-7 meets The Talking Heads, and displays a keen sense song structure. Small touches like vocal harmonies over choruses add a lot of depth to Readership’s sound, and give them a strong sense of professionalism. Like Welter, Readership explores a slightly different genre on their last song, “Humming Sound”, which is a fun surf tune that you could easily imagine Adam West’s Batman dancing to.

Readership performing at Boxcar's Open Mic in West Chester.

Readership performing at Boxcar’s Open Mic in West Chester.

Overall, “Not Enough People Do Three-Ways” is a great album that will leave listeners wanting more, which is exactly what a quality split does. For more music from The Art is Not Dead, check out their bandcamp.


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