Concert Review: Flux Capacitor


Last Friday I was thoroughly entertained by Flux Capacitor’s concert at Boxcar Brewing Company. Earlier this year Flux Capacitor played Bonnaroo, so going into the concert, my expectations were extremely high. Flux Capacitor delivered.

In many ways, Flux Capacitor fits the description of a typical jam band; they create intricate compositions that could be called “tasty jams,” but thinking of them as some sort of derivative of Phish or The Grateful Dead would devalue their sound. Flux Capacitor separates themselves from their cohorts by adding intriguing rhythmic elements that prevent their jam sections from ever becoming boring. The band knows when they have a good riff, but they never give the audience too much of it. It would be easy for Flux Capacitor to linger in a comfortable jam, but instead, they show a sense of bravery by continually moving songs forward.


Flux Capacitor – Pic via their FaceBook page.

Brothers Peter, Jason, and Michael Specht have been performing as Flux Capacitor since 2007, and their chemistry as a band is very apparent in their live performances. Watching them mystify a crowd in concert, one gets the sense that the three brothers that make up Flux Capacitor are a single entity, like a hydra that’s really great at keys, vocals, guitar and drums. Given the quality of Flux Capacitor’s sound, it will be very interesting to see how this hydra will evolve going forward.

Although Flux Capacitor’s whole set at Boxcar was fantastic, the song that really stood out to me was “The Graduation,” a perfect example of how Flux Capacitor honors the history of jam music while still adding their own elements.  Flux Capacitor expertly blended alternative rock and reggae with a chorus that seemed somewhat inspired by the theme of Stanley Kubrick’s film, “2001: A Space Odyssey.” The combination of those elements made the song immensely entertaining live. Hearing it for the first time was like being involved in a mystery. I wanted to know where the song would go next, but enjoyed every twist along the way.

After watching Flux Capacitor’s concert, I can honestly say that they deserve all the praise that they have received. Fans of jam bands will absolutely dig Flux Capacitor. But, even if jam bands aren’t your thing, I think you’ll still find a lot to love about their music.


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