Sunday Thought Series: Are You a Creator?

It’s hard to be a creator.

Signing up for this life is signing up, at times, for loneliness. There will be people – even some who love you – who just don’t get why you spend your free time chasing something great.

They’ll ask, concerned, “Why don’t you slow down?”

Sometimes, the more cynical among them will point out that your “dream” isn’t making you any money.

Yet, that voice inside tells you not to listen to them. To stay the course, and to look at the small signs of potential you’ve identified as an indication of something greater – of the life you can create, if you put in the time.

And so, you’ll put in long hours, often in isolation, working on your craft. While your friends and colleagues are at happy hour, you’re focusing on how you use every hour to bring you closer to your goal. Sometimes, you’ll have breakthroughs. Other pursuits will lead you to dead ends. You’ll sometimes have moments, unforgettable in nature, that remind you exactly what you’ve chosen this life for. Others, however, will have you wishing you could be “normal” for a bit.

That’s the thing about creators, though. When the day is done, they have no desire to be normal; to coast through life, in pursuit of the “dream” prescribed by those who claim to know better than they. Creators want to be something special, and they’ll resist the typical narrative, day-in and day-out. Instead, they’ll continue to ignite the spark that has led them to challenge themselves throughout their lives.

Creators are responsible for what the rest of the world consumes. That “world” is subjective – the term could be used in a global context, or in the context of one person’s vision for their slice of this big, blue rock floating through an impossibly expansive universe. Sometimes, if the vision is clear enough and the impact is profound enough, a creator’s effect on his or her individual “slice” affects the whole.

Lehigh Valley Underground desires to grow for the creators among us. We, too, are creators who know the struggle. However, we’re comfortable with the happy mess we’ve made, because we also know the triumph, and believe that there is much more to come.

Which are you: a creator, or a consumer?

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