Review: Alex Mery & The Townsmen – Safely On Your Way

Artist: Alex Mery & The Townsmen
Album: Safely On Your Way (Demo) (LISTEN)
Released: Fall 2016
Genre: Folk Rock

Alex Mery & The Townsmen, a punk-influenced folk trio from Allentown, are looking to make their mark on our region. If their new demo, “Safely On Your Way,” is any indication, they’re safely on their way to becoming an important part of the local folk community.

The strumming of opening track “War Horse” is a lead-in to profound vocals from Mery, whose searching tone brings to mind the softer side of Jimmy Eat World’s Jim Adkins. The demo opener’s idea of traditional acoustic progressions, peppered with a presence of emo, sets the tone for the record, continuing seamlessly into the following track, “Searching.”

One moment of particular interest is the poignant “Elegy,” which utilizes a haunting synth to underscore Mery’s solemn melody. This creates a moving soundscape fitting for a deep, lonely 3 a.m. thought session.

Track listing:
1) War Horse
2) Searching
3) Lay Down Arms
4) Elegy
5) Where the River Meets the Sea
6) Familiar Sights and Sounds

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