Victim, Doubting Thomas, and Next to None to Put the ‘Rock’ Back in ‘Roxy’

Bruce Springsteen has performed at Northampton’s Roxy Theatre. So have KISS and Billy Joel.

On Thursday, November 3, rock is coming back to the Roxy – and if Victim, Doubting Thomas, and Next to None have their say, it will be staying awhile.

The three local bands will perform an all-ages show at the historic venue, located at 2004 Main St. in Northampton, as part of a showcase sponsored by Music in the Lehigh Valley, a sub-division of What’s Going On in the Lehigh Valley, and local resident Michael Miller.

Advance tickets are $10, and can be purchased at the Northampton Seafood Market, located along Rt. 329 at 109 Lilac Ct. Advance tickets can also be purchased by contacting

Tickets will also be available at the Roxy Theatre the day of the show for $15.

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