Review: Warren North – Cafe

Artist: Warren North
Single: Café
Released: Oct. 24, 2016
Genre: Indie pop

Warren North hits us with an infectious piano hook right away on “Café,” a nice cup of coffee that provides a taste of what we can expect from the singer-songwriter’s forthcoming EP, “Game of Love.”

The pop sensibilities of “Café” are strikingly modern, all the while hearkening back to the days of vintage R&B. Listeners can enjoy the presence of light doo wop harmonies as they underscore a catchy, jaunty melody that calls the songwriting of Paul McCartney to mind.

The story of “Café” finds North as the protagonist, trying to muster up the courage to show his affection – or at the very least, say hello – to a woman he desires. These innocent lyrics are a refreshing throwback to an era of popular music where chivalry was alive and well.

Enjoy the video for “Café” – a vintage look at modern romance – below!

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