Review: VICTIM – Here’s to You

Artist: VICTIM
Album: Here’s to You (LISTEN)
Released: 2016
Genre: Metal/Rock

Catch VICTIM at Northampton’s Roxy Theatre alongside Doubting Thoma$ and Next to None on Thursday, Nov. 3. More information can be found here.

“Here’s to You,” the most recent offering from local metalheads VICTIM, hits hard and hits fast. Although its seven tracks clock in at just around 21 minutes, the heaviness of this album will leave a lasting impact on fans of the genre.

“RnR,” the album’s opening track, stands for the furthest thing from “Rest ‘n Relaxation” possible, kicking in right away and making no apologies, lyrically or otherwise, for the band’s rock and roll savagery. “Allentown,” a scorching homage to the Lehigh Valley’s largest city, picks up right where “RnR” leaves off, and is followed up by the driving rhythms and soaring, anthemic guitars of “Chains.”

Another album highlight is the penultimate track, “Hoodrat,” a snarky, darkly-humorous cautionary tale about the consequences of messing with the wrong woman in the wrong crowd.

Track listing:
Loaded Gun

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  • Victim is my favorite local band!
    I have history with this band, from garage practices onto their way to fame! I have an ear for great music and Victim got it! Rock on! HOOSHWA

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