Beyond the Valley Review: Second Player Score – Nobody’s Hero

Artist: Second Player Score
Album: Nobody’s Hero (LISTEN)
Released: Nov. 1, 2016
Genre: Rock

We’re not sure who Second Player Score is trying to convince that they are “Nobody’s Hero,” because the 11 tracks of versatile rock and roll they just released this week sure sound heroic to us.

What we hear on “Nobody’s Hero” is the growth of a three-piece band who has pushed itself to new creative heights. “Bonestorm,” the hard-hitting, prog-leaning opening track, is a prime example; one where guitarist and lead vocalist Brian Tashima uses a beer bottle to craft a guitar solo that fits the tune’s sonic undertones of chaos.

Other highlights include “Interlude (Fall From Grace),” a three-and-a-half minute instrumental jam powered by the galloping drum work of Kyle Gilbert, and “Comets,” the eschatologically-themed closing track, which runs past the seven-minute mark and progresses through the band’s growing arsenal of styles and techniques.

Through it all, Second Player Score still remains true to its pop punk sensibilities. “Demon’s Kiss” is an accessible tune that would find a nice home on rock or alternative radio, while “Deep” rocks hard while fusing punk and reggae undertones.

Track listing:
Demon’s Kiss
Interlude (Fall From Grace)
Origin Story
Head of Sin
Drink the Poison
Never Let Me Down


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