Artist Q&A: Jordyn Kenzie

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Jordyn Kenzie is a performer with a blindingly bright future. At just 16, she has opened for national touring acts and has captured the Discover Lehigh Valley Discovered Artist of the Year Award at the Lehigh Valley Music Awards.

Jordyn took a few minutes out to chat with us about those experiences, and to provide a brief glimpse of what the future holds.

At age 16, you’ve already been performing for a few years. Tell us how you got your start.
Well, when I was 11, I started playing guitar. As soon as I had my first few songs down, I went online and found a whole bunch of open mics, all the way from my town to Philly. I made a four-page list of them and begged my parents to take me to them. They, of course, said no, since most were in bars and were late at night!

I kept asking, and we did go to some local open mics and contests. I was so blessed to meet super supportive people who continuously gave me opportunities and helped me grow. Around 12, I started lessons at The Lesson Center, and they also gave me many amazing, local opportunities.

What made you want to pursue music seriously?
Ever since I was 3 or 4, music sparked something in me. It made me feel excited, secure, and just like I am where I should be. As I grew up and pursued it, every time I performed out, the audience reactions gave me the reassurance that this is where I was meant to be.

You’ve performed at some of the Valley’s top venues, opening for some of our best and brightest artists, like James Supra and Sarah Ayers. What have you enjoyed most about these experiences?
There is so much I have gained through opening for and performing alongside such acts. Not only are Lehigh Valley artists like James and Sarah so much fun to be around, but the passion they feel for the music is so inspiring. I hope one day to be a musician of the Lehigh Valley as respected as they are.

You’ve also opened for national touring acts, including Tony Orlando and The Cowsills. What can a young artist like you learn from artists who have had a great amount of touring success?
These have also been some of the most rewarding experiences. From Tony, I learned that not everyone who sees great success lets it get to their head. Tony is the biggest teddy bear, and a very down-to-earth person. I want to be a person of such character as I continue to pursue my dreams.

The Cowsills were some of the most lighthearted, energizing performers I have ever seen. I loved spending time with them before and after the show! They taught me to not take things too seriously, because we’re lucky enough to do what we love and we should enjoy every minute of it!

In March, you were awarded the Discover Lehigh Valley Discovered Artist of the Year Award at the Lehigh Valley Music Awards. Tell us about the honor.
To be honest, when I was told I was in the running for the award, I felt shocked and beyond honored, but I did not expect to win at all. I came to the Awards excited to have a reason to be there, and to celebrate the success of my fellow Lehigh Valley musicians. When my name was called as the winner, I sat for a second, looked at my mom, and said “Wait, did they just say my name?”

We’d love to hear some tunes. Do you have any current plans to release music?
I have an abundance of original music, but none of it is recorded yet. If you keep an eye on my social media, you may see some exciting things coming soon.

We’ve about come to the end! Before we go, tell people where they can learn more about you online.
You can find upcoming performances, pictures, and any news on my website,, or on Facebook at Jordyn Kenzie Music.

Watch Jordyn perform “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley below.

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