Ninjapedia: What Does ‘Support Your Local Music Scene’ Mean to You?

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Being heavily involved in the local music scene for more 11 years in multiple capacities, I have always wanted to know what makes a musician “tick.”  I am always engaging musicians in conversations to get their feedback and thoughts on things important to them.

Because I always receive great feedback during these conversations, I decided to start posting questions on my Facebook page to engage musicians from all over the world, in addition to those at the local level. This has been a valuable tool for not just me, but for those musicians, as well.

This is why Ninjapedia was brought to Lehigh Valley Underground: to educate our music scene based on input from our peers. I hope you enjoy the answers to these questions as much as I do.

Today’s question is:

What does “support your local music scene” mean to you?

In a world filled with music, everyone has their own ideas as to how to support their local music scene. To me, supporting your local music scene means telling your friends about the awesome band you heard, and leading them to the band’s website or social  media pages to check them out. It also means getting your friends to come out to a show with you so they can hear the band live (and hoping they like the band as much as you do).

A huge part of your local music scene is going to gigs. But, do not limit yourself to only bands that you know! Go out and experience the sounds of a band you are not familiar with. You just might surprise and enjoy yourself, and become a new fan.

I could go on and on about how I support my local  music scene, but I will leave it up to the musicians to give you their answers.

Here are some of the responses I received:

Going to see other bands and inviting them to share the stage with you. Buying their new album doesn’t hurt, either.”-Ben Bollinger

Go to shows and pay the cover. Don’t ask for freebies. Buy music and merch if you can. Share events. Gig swap. Follow through when you say you will do things.”-Volpe Votrano

Go to shows, re-post shows, help, buy CD’s, visit pages, click “Like” on Facebook and  Reverbnation, buy merch, and do anything and everything you can. Stop sitting home.-Marvin F. Horn

Spreading the sickness! Buy, buy, and buy some more. Get to the shows.”-Mike Miller

Doing your best as a musician to help others:

1. If I have a gig and a friend’s band I know could rock it out, then let’s get them in there to get more fans from differing markets and locations.

2. Get their album, make a music blog Facebook page ,and share it or share it on a current page you follow that they don’t personally post on yet! Share all the local music you can! It all starts with writing and creating!

3. Be respectful about others and their plans/dreams. Believing in someone is the first key to their success!”-Justin Angelo

Attend the shows, buy the merchandise, and get venues to host original bands! Without local, original bands, there would be no national bands.”-Frank Maxwell

These are just a few of the answers I received. I enjoy the feedback, and now I want to know: What do you do to support your local music scene?

Until next time, always remember: Music Feeds the Soul!

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