A Paul Knakk Single That Will Shake Your ‘Boots’

Artist: Paul Knakk
Song: Boots (LISTEN)
Album: Rebel With a Cause (LISTEN)
Genre: Country Rock

See Paul Knakk perform on Dec. 1 at American Spirits Roadhouse alongside Candlebox’s Brian Quinn, Zed D’Lance, and Julia Sommer. Details here.

“Boots,” the lead single from Paul Knakk’s debut album, “Rebel With a Cause,” is the type of country tune that is accessible to a wide audience. A definite, pop-sensible hook and a stomp-along beat give it an anthemic quality – one that, one day, would hold up well in venues much larger than the bar that serves as the song’s backdrop.

“Boots” depicts the Bethlehem native captivated by a country girl who quickly becomes the object of the singer’s affection. Our protagonist wins her over rather quickly with a shot of Jack Daniels and an upbeat tune she can “shake her boots” to, leading to an unforgettable night.

The best news? JNuno Pictures shot a music video, so we can watch this country rock love story play out. Enjoy!

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