LVU is LVU, Thanks to You

This time last year, I registered When I did that, I knew that I wanted to create a local, accessible source of music news – one which would cover our scene in its truest entirety. However, what I didn’t know was where to begin. I had only been a Bethlehem resident for six months at the time and, while I knew that there were people making music all around me, I didn’t know very many of them.

Things started a little slowly when we officially launched in January. But, as winter gave way to spring, and then summer, more and more of you had begun to take notice of the new blog in town. You started following us, sending us your music for review or feature, and letting us know when you had upcoming shows. You’ve engaged with us on social media, and some of you have even told your friends about this Lehigh Valley Underground thing that popped up. Simply put, you have made LVU’s rookie year (which isn’t over yet) as enjoyable as it has been successful.

For that, People of the Underground, I thank you.

You are the reason that Lehigh Valley Underground not only exists, but strives to cover our local music scene as much as humanly possible (especially considering we all have day jobs). You’ve helped LVU to be a voice for anyone with a creative passion, and you have helped us grow this into a local music platform that we can all be proud of.

To the more than 15,000 of you who have visited Lehigh Valley Underground, who have viewed our content more than 65,000 times, you are what makes Lehigh Valley Underground and the scene at-large into what they are. We couldn’t be more grateful on this holiday to live in this vibrant, engaged community, and I look forward to sharing your stories and songs in the months and years ahead.

We won’t be out on the scene too much this weekend. We have friends and family to catch up with, food to eat and, in my case, some football to play. However, know that when I return on Monday, I’ll resume working on this vision until 12 or 1 every single morning with a smile on my face, because I know that we are, indeed, #BuildingBetter for our music scene.

On behalf of all of us at Lehigh Valley Underground, I wish you a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.

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