Founder’s Picks: Best Song of 2016

First, let me start by saying that this category, like all of them, could have gone a number of ways. For example, I could have chosen a song with the grit of Roi & the Secret People’s “Hungry.” Just as tempting was the prospect of choosing VoirVoir’s youthful anthem, “I Wanna,” or virtually any track from Rofo Audio. In the end, however, I went a bit south to Philly, where The Wayside Shakeup released their single, “Stay Up,” earlier this year.

I did this for a couple of reasons. This is, first and foremost, a great Americana tune. Rob Volansky’s rugged, yet sensitive vocal perfectly complements a wistful instrumental track, accented just enough by Greg Rosen’s (Swift Technique) trumpet.

However, there’s more to this selection for me than just its pleasant sonic landscape. I chose “Stay Up” because it is just so relatable for anybody who understands the grind of the local music scene.

Whether a musician or not, if you consistently support local music in any way, you understand late nights and long miles. You know what it’s like to have someone waiting up for you while you’re out, inching closer to whatever goal you’re striving for. You know that person’s patience – and often, what it’s like to test that patience – and the delicate balance between your passions and your personal relationships.

If everything I just said could be summed up in a piece of music, that piece of music would be “Stay Up.”

I’ve found myself feeling this song consistently throughout 2016 for that same reason. Often, a late drive from covering a show would start with this song playing in my car, as I drove to see a woman that has more patience for my antics and ambitions than I’ll ever understand. For sure, the chords of “Stay Up” fill me with a warm sense of gratitude that comes from knowing that I have that kind of support in my life. Furthermore, it motivates me even more to see this project through – and make all of that patience worthwhile.

Listen to “Stay Up” below!

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