Help Shawn Cav Ensemble Complete Album #2

If you’re a jazz fan and a supporter of local music, you’ve surely checked out Shawn Cav Ensemble’s “Glass Houses.” If you haven’t, you should. Here’s a link.

Once you check that out, you might find yourself hungry for a follow-up. As it turns out, Shawn Cav Ensemble shares your sentiments. They plan to record this winter, but they need your help to make their second album even bigger and better than the first.

So, the group has started an Indiegogo campaign for the project, outlining their plans to create a collection of music featuring more songs and the additional layers of guest artists to their already rich soundscape. Donations will go toward paying the additional musicians, as well as for studio time, mixing, mastering, graphic design, and CD production.

To sweeten the pot, the band has added perks that range from receiving the completed album or taking lessons from band members, all the way up to naming the new release. To check out those perks and to donate, head over to the band’s Indiegogo campaign page.

P.S.: While you’re supporting Shawn Cav Ensemble, don’t forget that the band’s performance this Saturday at the Weyerbacher Tap Room is one of our Can’t-Miss Shows of the Week. We hope to see you there!

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