Founder’s Picks: Musikfest was the Best Fest

I must say, it’s hard to pick “favorites” sometimes. This is one of those times, because there have been a ton of great festivals around the Valley this year.

Allentown JazzFest was our first festival. Not only did it expand my horizons of what truly makes jazz what it is, but it gave LVU its first taste of festival coverage. JazzFest holds a special place in my heart, and I can’t wait to do it again in May of 2017.

Easton Heritage Day was an exciting challenge for me, as well. I pretty much decided that morning that I would go the distance, from morning, through noon and night, and it became one of my favorite events to cover all year. It’s another one that has a special spot reserved on next year’s calendar.

However, after careful deliberation, it is apparent to me that Musikfest was king in 2016.

Living within walking distance of the action – and getting to treat the event as a music blogger’s playground – meant that I was bound to be fully immersed in LVU’s Musikfest coverage. I enjoyed covering bands that I already knew, just as much as I enjoyed checking out and being blown away by new acts. I loved how I could find plenty of both types for days on end. And, of course, it bears repeating we were stoked to partner with the Greater Lehigh Valley Music Association on the Lehigh Valley Music Awards Rock Showcase the first Sunday. That night is on the short list of personal highlights for my 2016 – although, finally seeing the Cubs win the World Series was, hands down, number one. I suffered a long time for that moment.

Musikfest 2016, for all of its world-class performances and downright magical moments, is an event that I like to replay in my mind, time and time again. For sure, Lehigh Valley Underground’s first ‘Fest was one for the ages, and we look forward an even better time in the New Year!

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