PHOTOS: Shawn Cav Ensemble at Weyerbacher Brewing

While Shawn Cav Ensemble makes preparations to take their game to the next level with a new record in 2017, the jazz fusion quartet used one of 2016’s final Saturday evenings to show why the new project is one worthy of your support (which you can offer here).

Shawn Cav Ensemble brought its tight grooves to Weyerbacher Brewing in Easton, where all music fans had the chance to enjoy the band’s ambient blend of jazz and rock.

One thing about Shawn Cav Ensemble that impresses me more every time is the saxophone work of Matt Truscott. Truscott’s playing style fits as a brilliant layer over the group’s bass and drum rhythms, leaving a listener to hang on his every note. This is truest in a live setting, where the sax man’s work is erratic and improvisational as jazz should be, while having a distinct flow that fits within the context of each tune.

Here are a few shots from my front row seat. I had another engagement later in the evening, so I couldn’t enjoy any brews, but I’ll have to try the Berry Monks the next time I stop into Weyerbacher.

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