LVU Wants to Know: What’s Your Musical Holiday Wish?

We all have a holiday wish list. Some desire world peace, while others just want a slightly better world where chaos and destruction won’t seem so imminent.

We’re not going to get that heavy here, because we’re Lehigh Valley Underground, and world affairs aren’t really our bag. Instead, we’re going to focus on what we do best as we ask: what’s on your musical holiday wish list?

Perhaps you’re hoping for your favorite local band’s new release to drop just a tad early. Maybe you’re dying to hear news of a live show or festival announcement. Or, maybe you have a wish for the betterment of your music scene.

I’ll start with mine…

I hope for a more connected music scene in the New Year; one that is strengthened by people from all corners working together to bring live, original music to more venues and greater prominence than in 2016.

Your turn, People of the Underground. What are you hoping for this holiday season? Tell us!

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