VICTIM Releases Video for ‘Fade Away’

Get ready for the softer side of VICTIM.

The hard rockers, who take no prisoners on their LVMA-nominated debut album, “Here’s to You,” have been playing their power ballad, “Fade Away,” at shows for months. Now, the fan favorite — sing-along chorus and all — is accompanied by an official music video.

The powerful, nearly six-minute song features frontman Cris Moser showing a different side. The singer opts to break away from his trademark rock and roll snark to paint the picture of an estranged love. Guitarist Eric Budihas delivers an effective guitar solo about four-and-a-half minutes in that adds a nice accent to the track’s big sound.

The video itself, a Rez EsQuire film from director Andrew Perez, primarily shows the band jamming and hanging out in front of industrial backdrops, including warehouses and train yards. It’s clear that VICTIM was going for quality in their video debut, and they hit the mark with a well-shot piece that sets a forlorn tone from the start.

Check out the video below and, if you like the song, pick it up on iTunes.

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