LVU Wants to Know: What Do You Want From Us?

With what figures to be a big 2017 for the Lehigh Valley music scene, excuse us if we’re looking a bit past Santa’s arrival, and to the world of possibilities that lies just eight days in the future.

We’re already making big plans for the New Year. However, we don’t want to make these plans by ourselves. After all, it is you, People of the Underground, who make what we do worthwhile. Therefore, your input is very valuable to us.

We’ve received plenty of suggestions already. Some want to play on LVU-sponsored showcases. Some have suggested that we get more involved in our local festivals. We’ve even had one suggestion to put on our own! While all of these notions are, at the moment, purely hypothetical (re: not announcements), we think that they all have potential!

We want to know what you think about these ideas, alongside any others you might have. How can we better serve our music community in 2017? Consider this your chance to leave LVU some customer feedback, and let us know in the comments (or on Facebook and Twitter).

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