‘Beyond the Valley’ Review: The Mad Sugars – Dizzy on the Floor

Great music is being made everywhere, in and outside of the Valley. Today, we go ‘Beyond the Valley’ to check in with our good friends in NYC, The Mad Sugars.

Artist: The Mad Sugars
Single: Dizzy on the Floor (LISTEN)
Release Date: Dec. 15, 2016
Genre: Rock/Alternative

Brooklyn-based dance rockers The Mad Sugars have offered a preview of their forthcoming “Last Call EP” with “Dizzy on the Floor,” a continuation of the band’s traditional up-tempo look at the follies of nightlife.

Beginning with a guitar riff reminiscent of Franz Ferdinand’s “Take Me Out,” “Dizzy on the Floor” features frontman Adam Gruss narrating a night of drinking a bit too much while trying to win the affections of a fellow club-goer. This theme, which was also present on the band’s 2015 “Amateur Hour EP,” has become The Mad Sugars’ trademark, and always helps provide a fun dose of reflection for those of us who, in our younger days, would make liquid courage and questionable decisions a weekend routine.

Check out “Dizzy on the Floor” below!

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