LVU Wants You to Describe Your Album in One Word

Hey, in case you haven’t heard, the year changed over to a new one on Sunday.

In our pledge to reach more of our scene than ever in 2017, we’re making a point to reach out more to you, People of the Underground, to see what you have going on. Obviously, that includes anything released by those of you who are musicians.

In fact, we’re in a fun mood today, so let’s make a game out of it. In one word, describe your latest album, EP, single, or mixtape to us in the comments. If you want to call it “fire,” go ahead. If you think your work is “indescribable,” let us know that, too. The only rule is that you are limited to a single word description. That’s it.

OK, there’s one more rule: If your album is already released, include a link. We’d love to review it, if we haven’t yet. It works out both ways, really. Free press for you. Quality content for us. It’s a win-win.

Ready? Go.

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