Michael Meade’s Been ‘Wrestling With the Devil’

Photo credit: Michael Meade Music

Artist: Michael Meade
Single: Wrestling With the Devil (LISTEN)
Released: Sept. 14, 2016
Genre: Americana

Singer-songwriter Michael Meade has a knack for turning life’s pain and confusion into songs that soothe the soul. He’s done it again on his recent single, “Wrestling With the Devil.”

The great thing about “Wrestling With the Devil” is that, like so many of Meade’s songs, it’s applicable to all of us. Meade could be singing about any specific personal trial, but he presents the story in such a way that anyone can apply the lyrics to his or her own struggle. Meade encapsulates the way we search for answers from time to time, whether we do so in a spiritual sense or from the physical world itself.

Sonically, Meade’s baritone soars through the chorus of “Wrestling With the Devil,” which proves to be one of his finer vocal performances. The guitar work is gentle, with a backing waltz rhythm to make this one hearken to the early days of rock and roll with a country flair.

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