PHOTOS: The Bastard Sons of Burt Sugarman at Broadway Pub (The Balcony Showcase)

The Balcony, a locally-based, widely-featured internet radio show hosted by local music enthusiasts Ann Thatcher and Andrew Chervak, kicked off its Showcase series at Bangor’s Broadway Pub on Friday night with well-crafted songs and the stories behind them.

Indeed, the Bastard Sons of Burt Sugarman did ride again.

This session’s group of Bastard Sons included Mike Roi (Roi & the Secret People), Carter Lansing (Acoustic Kitty Project), and Werner Sommer, all of whom took turns featuring their own and supporting each other’s original material in front of a packed house.

The chemistry and friendship between performers was palpable, adding to a welcoming, intimate atmosphere full of great music and relatable storytelling. Hopefully, that comes through in these shots from this memorable night.

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