Review: Jon Smith’s Voyages – Indeed

Artist: Jon Smith’s Voyages
Album: Indeed (LISTEN)
Released: Nov. 2, 2016
Genre: Pop Rock

At first, you may think – from the full sound and intricate, plentiful instrumentation of “Indeed” – that Jon Smith’s Voyages is comprised of a small orchestra. No one man could produce the variety of sounds from the number of instruments (19, including vocals) featured here.

We’re here to tell you how wrong you are.

“Indeed,” (see what we did there?) Jon Smith’s Voyages is its namesake’s solo quest (see what we did there?); one that will take you on a musical journey that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere in the region.

Hailing from the Reading area, Jon Smith uses his instrumental prowess and downright impressive vocal range to run the gamut of rock and more. Songs like “Excuse Me” and “Absurd” employ the pop rock sensibilities of Queen, with the former featuring a possible ode to Freddie’s famous “Bohemian Rhapsody” high note, toward the end. Meanwhile, “Heard It Over Yonder” lays the rock on a little thicker with some Led Zeppelin influence fused with a badass organ solo.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, when you consider the retro sound of “Just a Pretty Body” sharing the same album as a Bowie-infused track like “Reginald,” which comes just a few tracks after the beautiful, woodwind-heavy instrumental, “Divided Waterfall.”

Oh, and did we mention that, after writing, arranging, and playing the entirety of the album’s 11 tracks, that Mr. Smith also produced “Indeed?”

Well, he did. Is there anything he can’t do?

Track listing:
Excuse Me
I’ll Get Around To It
Just a Pretty Body
Heard It Over Yonder
I Don’t Want To Be Your Friend
Too Hot For Me
Divided Waterfall
Keep Me Posted On Kathy
Nothing Remains

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